Brightview Resources Incorporated is a full-service (recycle, reprocess and export) plastic company located in Midwestern United States. We offer a wide range of post-industrial plastics, repo and virgin pellets: PET, PE, EPS, PCABS, PC, POM, PMMA, PPS, PTFE etc. We produce pellets from our plants in Mainland China and Thailand, and sell the materials to the customers in Mainland China. We also export the materials from USA to East Asia. We put customers first and supply them with good quality plastic materials.

BRIGHTVIEW RESOURCES INCORPORATED成立于大芝加哥地区,定位于美国中西部地区的一家废塑料回收企业。公司以安全,卫生,环保为中心,接受中国国家质监局的监督,以客户需求为己任,提供符合中国国家标准的可用作原料的废塑料。​

Brightview Resources Incorporated